Personal tax returns related to calendar year 2009

Days are longer again and springtime will be here soon. Springtime is outstanding in particular for appearance of wonderful yellow jonquils and purplish crocus. Springtime is also well known for an other recurrent formality (…on a purplish form this year).

Indeed, on springtime, all individuals will have to file their personal tax returns related to revenues and fortune for calendar year 2009.

You’ve probably received (and if not, it should be delivered soon) the purplish tax form in your mailbox. Deadlines for the compliance job differ in the various Swiss cantons and special circumstances may allow additional deadlines for the filing.

We’ve tried to summarize here the major the major deadlines to file the personal tax returns in Cantons Geneva and Vaud.

For any questions you may have on your personal tax returns for 09, we would be pleased to help you or even drive the complete filling-in process. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Pay structure in Geneva : challenge and opportunity of anticipation

Attracting and keeping the best actors is a key operational challenge for all businesses. International companies or entrepreneurs desirous to set up a business in Switzerland often focused mainly on the sole comparison of corporate tax level between various locations.

Nowadays, these entrepreneurs or companies must also seriously consider the tax and social advantages from which their future employees may benefit. Indeed, when starting a business, one of the key issues is the evaluation of the burden of taxes and social contributions which the future employees will have to bear.

Switzerland, and Geneva in particular, offer an attractive regulatory environment. Various means allow decision-makers to set up pay structures that can fit any particular company profile.

Selecting an optimized salary package plays a key role in ensuring the strategic success of any business desirous to settle in Switzerland.                Pay structures in Geneva

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